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Upcoming Events!

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Bookmark this page and use this one easy link to register or join any of our free online classes here (check schedule on this page):

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Check out our new applied sciences lab "Super Good Labsat 8000 Edgewater Dr, Oakland 94621


Mycelial Mass Mushroom Meetup:


Mario Gabiati Events:

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NEW October 23, 2021 11am: SUPER GOOD LABS Open House and Robot Races!


Internet TV Debut!

Check out our 13 min documentary feature on fungal fermentation!

HNGRY.TV hosted a live virtual screening and Q&A of #futurefungi on May 20th, an in-depth video exploring the future of fungi-based proteins featuring Mario Gabiati, Dr. Gordon Walker, fermentation specialist Eleana Hsu, Prime Roots Foods Co, and Meati!


Now you can watch it anytime you want with the link below!


Mycelial Mass Tuesday Night Lab Classes!


In Person & Online

Join us every LAST TUESDAY of the month via our Zoom link or join us in person at Super Good Labs for our popular fungal show-and-tell featuring the Mycelial Mass mushroom lab as well as all the projects of the students who join us.  Each class will feature a live tutorial based on a pre-submitted question from one of our community members, including but not limited to inoculations, sterilization procedures, preparing agar, using grow bags, isolating wild mycelium and spores, research around mushroom medicines and much more!  We will also feature surprise guest stars of the mycology scene giving us their perspectives as taxonomists, microbiologists, chefs, mushroom growers, extractors and fermenters!  

We are now open for in-person attendance, but we would also like you to consider joining our Mycelial Mass Membership or offer to TA one of our events!

Register once and get an email with all the info to join any of our classes!


10:30am PST LAST SUNDAY of the Month
*email us to confirm*

Join us every LAST SUNDAY of the month as we host a limited attendance (12 ppl max) mushroom cultivation workshop (May-October) or wild mushroom walkabout (November-April)!  

Our winter classes are starting soon, we will have some wild mushroom DNA Analysis classes at our new home at Super Good Labs in Oakland, as well as a whole bunch of fun mushroom walkabouts all over the bay area!

Want to know where we are going next?  Keep tabs on our Mycelial Mass Facebook Group Page or join us as a MEMBER for access to some private walkabouts! (see details below)

Remember: Mushroom walkabouts ALWAYS get off trail, so wear long pants, good hiking boots, and bring water and snacks.  If you want to bring a notepad, mushroom ID book or camera, people often enjoy having those as well.  We will also give you a brief tutorial on how to use the platform if you'd like to contribute to science using your smart phone!  

Mycelial Mass Memberships!

In-person event priority, exclusive invitations to mushroom hunts and other private events.  Enjoy these benefits while you support local education!

It looks like our public events will be getting even more exclusive in the future, and the best way to join the community is to support our mission of bringing these classes to underserved communities all over the bay area! 

For a yearly donation of $89, you can get all these benefits and more:

-priority access to any in-person event (limit 10)

-members-only emails including mushroom hunting tips, opportunities to join our last minute 'flash hunts', and advance notice of popular event listings

-a hand-made, one-of-a-kind wearable pin designed by our Mycelial Mass team 

-you will be personally supporting local educational efforts in the Bay Area and beyond!

Are you a former member interested in redeeming your Mycelial Mass membership extension through APRIL 2022?  We are excited to have you! Click below and contact us!

Mushroom Growing Resources

Use these links to get a general overview of what you'll need to grow your own mushrooms and follow along in class!


This section will update regularly

My Favorite Mushroom Podcast Episodes!

I have gotten a ton of requests for materials people can use to get into the mushroom mindset!  These are my very favorite episodes on mushroom topics I have listened to recently! - This whole podcast has so many good episodes, just browse it for yourself! - This is an excellent mix of one of my favorite podcasters (Tim Ferriss) with one of my all time favorite writers and researchers of entheogenic plans and fungi, Dr. Mark Plotkin.  Mark has a whole "plants of the gods" series I highly recommend! - A podcast detailing the fungus killing amphibians all over the globe

Online Class Links!

These are links we've used to answer some questions in the online classes, they are a great place to find substrates and tek tips!

This section will update regularly

Woodworking shop in Berkeley


Cordyceps Cultivation Notes

William Padilla Brown’s cultivation handbook for Cordyceps


Basic recipe for broth.  Note on below use  2TBSP rice (brown or white)+ 1/4cup broth per 8oz jar


Azomite super fine for Cordyceps broth

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