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The experiences you want to have are right at your fingertips.

For the same reason all the most famous celebrity chefs travel to places like rural Thailand to eat with someone's grandmother on their food documentary shows - the most coveted and special experiences are neither expensive nor terribly difficult to obtain...IF only you can get an invitation!

Good news, here is your invitation.

I have spent my life in pursuit of the connection that shared curiosity brings.  My events seem like they cover an endless array of topics, but at the core are curious people and events structured to encourage people to work together and make connections with the natural world, history, culture and other people through the lens of science, food, nourishing the body and soul, and following your curiosity.  

I also have assembled a unique and formidable team of horticulturists, mycologists, food professionals and teachers who have proven their passion through learning and work ethic.  Each and every one will treat your experience or service with the same care as I would, and often bring unique elements of their own.  It's an ability to listen and a real attention to detail that sets my team apart from others.  

I hold a degree in Cognitive Science from Occidental College, a masters in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation from Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego.  I also served as board chairman for Counter Culture Labs in Oakland from 2016-2019 and currently develop curriculum for the Young Presidents Organization 'Next Generation' leadership program in San Francisco.  I run the popular 'Mycelial Mass Mushroom Meetup' which holds bi-monthly events on mushroom cultivation and showcases the most recent advances in mycological sciences, and serve as a mentor at Circuit Launch, a electrical hardware development space near Oakland Airport.  

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