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Learn to master your kitchen, using your tools, with your friends. And wine.


Email me with your dates!

Learn to make your own fresh cut and hand-formed pastas like pappardelle and orecchiette with 3-7 of your friends or family.  These workshops typically run 1.5-3 hours max. Prices start at $45/pp. Great for kids and adults alike.


Email me with your dates!

Learn to make your own delicious fresh stuffed pastas like ravioli and agnolotti, and their fillings, with 3-7 of your friends or family. Typically 2-3.5 hours. Prices start at $65/pp.  


Email me with your dates!

Several times a year I host exclusive, seasonal, farm-to-table dinners and wine tasting events at a private ranch in Lafayette, CA.  Book one of my cooking classes or workshops to be added to the invite raffle.



Private and group classes, email me for a current list!

From pickles and kombucha, to kimchi and miso paste, learn to harness the power of fermentation and preservation and start eating seasonally! These classes are especially useful for people who have lots of seasonal fruits or veggies. Typically 1.5-4 hours.  Prices start around $35/pp with a minimum of 3 students.


Check Availability!

Discover some of the hidden gems of the bay area farmers market and street food scene, see the best markets and learn how to seek out the perfect seasonal ingredients and tastiest bites.  This is an adaptable tour experience, perfect for those visiting the bay area or locals looking to deepen their knowledge. Typically 3-6 hours. Prices start at $100/pp with a minimum of 2 persons.



Check Availability!

These classes have a minimum number of required students and are only scheduled once we have enough interest.  The classes span 40-50 days during which you will learn some basic butchering techniques as well as how to cure, prep and hang your cured meats. At the end of this course you will take home your very own cured meat.  Prices vary but sign up for details.

Cooking is a Technology for Sharing Love

Anyone can go to a cooking class or school and create a masterpiece once.  Can you do it at home?  I teach people to cook because I believe it is a technology for spreading love and happiness.  I want to make you feel confident that you can recreate these experiences for your loved ones, so I want to do it in your home with your tools and show you tricks to make cooking something special, something you enjoy.  

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