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Class is in session

“Curating sensations of science through seasonal local ingredients; We are the chemistry class where you can lick the spoon!”

The Chemical Class was initially born from a mutual love of science, good food, and bringing people together.


What started off as a casual series of cooking classes slowly evolved into pop-up dinners that serve as a stage for our evolving passions and excitements - each one a unique mash-up of professional chefs and vanguards of new food movements blending their talents to make something totally new.


If you would like to follow us and see what we are up to, please check back in here frequently as this will be the first place we mention new pop-ups! We hope to have an opportunity to see you again in the very near future!


Check out this gallery of photos and please share your experiences of our event on social media with the hashtag #thechemicalclass

Email any questions you may have to

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