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We will help you shorten the cycle between iterations and guide you to the proof of concept you need to get your first big investor.


Super Necessary

We believe microbiology will have a greater impact on our way of life than microprocessors have had in the last few decades.  The only thing standing in the way of that future is the unfortunate reality that most labs are not set up to support the microbiology technology inventor without corporate or academic sponsorship.  

Our Solution: Super Good Labs

We combined the community and resources of Circuit Launch, the bay area's premiere electrical hardware development hub, with a full suite of microbiology equipment and staff that has spent years launching projects from biohacker spaces.


We have created Super Good Labs; the launchpad for your next world-changing biotech idea. 


Our Story

From Maker Spaces to Manufacturing

Our founder, Mario Gabiati, has worked to foster and manage community STEAM educational events in the bay area since 2016 by partnering with lab spaces like Counter Culture Labs and Bio-Curious.  While these organizations are important to bring the magic of microbiology to the community, they just are not set up to support young inventors who are ready to turn their ideas into a company.  

Our collaboration with Circuit Launch provides these inventors with affordable space, equipment, and most importantly, a community of other inventors like themselves who can turn 10 days of troubleshoting into 10 minutes.  

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