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W O R K S H O P S & C O N S U L T I N G


Beekeeping is a popular new hobby for many, but it can be expensive and frustrating without the right help.  We provide on-site inspections and comprehensive hive management services as well as lectures and group workshops. Check our calendar for our beekeeping classes at Counter Culture Labs.  Ask us about hosting a workshop! Lectures are from 35-50 minutes, workshops typically last 1.5 hours to three hours and are held in a variety of locations, often West Oakland or Walnut Creek.  



Our regional parks and botanical gardens in the bay area are among the most beautiful and diverse in the world.  Discover the plants and animals that make our local parks and gardens special and how to find them.  Join our mailing list to be notified of group hikes, or check our calendar for dates. Contact us to schedule a private tour for you and your friends or family! Typically these trips last 2-5 hours plus travel time and can happen anywhere in the greater Bay Area, or a private location of your choosing.



From November-April, join us for special mushroom hunting adventures throughout the Bay Area from Sonoma to Monterrey Counties.  Click the 'Contact' tab and give us your emails address to be added to our mailing list - we will notify you when we schedule a hunt and how you can reserve a spot! Hunts happen throughout the Bay Area, occasionally in the Sierra foothills, and can be as short as 1.5 hours, or all day trips about 6+ hours. Private mushroom hunts with special appearances by some of the titans of the mycological world are one of our exclusive offerings, don't miss out on this truly exclusive opportunity - contact us for details!



Making your own beauty products is easy and fun, not to mention much healthier!  From face masks and scrubs to your very own soap and sun-screen, learn what you can make yourself from household items.  Schedule a private workshop or attend one of our Counter Culture Labs DIY Cosmetics workshops.  These classes tend to last 2-3 hours and are held at Counter Culture Labs in the Temescal district of Oakland. 



Bring a workshop or lecture to your school, choose from any of the subjects listed on the site, or contact us for details on how we might be able to meet a specific educational goal. Lectures can be tailored to your needs, from 35 minute demos to 3 hour half-day workshops, we provide an excellent educational experience that will engage and encourage your students.


Learn about these fascinating organisms and how to grow them, from in the lab to in your garden.  Choose from Oyster, Stropharia, Cordiceps, or Shiitake - or just ask what fungus you want to grow!  Schedule a private class, group workshop, or come join one of our $10 Tuesday evening Mycelial Mass meet-ups at Counter Culture Labs (see calendar here).  Mushroom cultivation workshops typically last 1.5-3 hours and are held at a private outdoor location in West Oakland, or at Counter Culture Labs in Temescal.



Would you like to bring an exciting presentation to your company, community organization or congregation?  Mario maintains a library of engaging lectures from 15-50 minutes on a variety of subjects in grass-roots community organization, biology, electronics and food science. Contact us for more details!



Are you interested in building your own electrical hardware or robots?  Would you like to learn to solder and program?  Maybe you just want to build yourself a portable computer for less than $50.  We organize lectures, meet-ups, events and one-on-one tutoring at Circuit Launch, a 32k square foot electronics development laboratory near the Oakland airport. We teach beginners and enthusiasts alike to build custom sensors or unlock the power of cheap hardware for their personal projects. Robotics workshops are typically a multi-day affair so we offer FREE open-hours for curious individuals Friday afternoons, and affordable one-on-one sessions Wednesday afternoons/evenings at Circuit Launch so come meet the team and discuss your goals!

Classes & Lectures
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